28/09/23 The Half Boy performance, Limbo, London

22/01/23 Luciddream Enseble- Scores 2, 100 Years Gallery, London

04/03/22 Carole Finer-Chant Tribute Concert, Morley College, London

12/12/21 Luciddream Ensemble- Scores, 100 Years Gallery, London

25/02/20 Here.here with Marie-Cecile Reber, Iklectik, London

24/02/20 Here.here with Marie-Cecile Reber, University for Arts, Farnham

23/11/19 Cosy Nook with Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti, London

01/11/19 The Scratch Orchestra at 50 Performance, Morley College, London

21/09/19 Cosy Nook with Bin Li, London

08/09/19 Hard Work, London

17/01/19 Goldsmiths University, London

17/06/18 Vortex, London

07/04/18 ‘The Library- Listening Experiment’, Tooting Lido Pavilion, London

09/03/18 Small Press Project, Slade School of Art, London

22-23/02/18 Cafe Oto, London

03/02/18 I’Klectik, London

27/01/18 Tooting Lido Pavilion, London

12/11/17  Vortex, London

05/08/17 Cosy Nook, private event in Thornton Heath, London

23/06/17 Dark Arts Circus, House Mill, London

31/03/17  Before Chaos, live soundtrack to Vicky Smith’s 16mm film ‘Primal’, St John’s Church, London

25/03/17 Lucie’s Lounge, Bloomsbury Tavern, London, UK

29/10/16 Kaparte Oxjam 2016, Slaughtered Lamb, London, UK

27/10/16 The Dark Arts Circus, By Other Means, London, UK

16/10/16 Rye Wax, ‘Exile Nothing’ album launch, London,UK

12/09/16 More Poetry, London, UK

05/08/16 Joy of Sound Redmond File Album Launch, St Peters Church and Heritage Centre, Vauxhall, London

10/06/16 Lo & Behold, live performance with Vicky Smith’s 16mm film ‘Primal,  London

15/05/16 Music Hall, Bouche Bee perfomance withVicky Smith’s 16mm film ‘Primal’, Ramsgate, UK

08/05/16 Apiary Studios, live performance with Vicky Smith’s 16mm film ‘Primal’, London, UK

04/04/16 Madame Claude with Einfall, Berlin, Germany

11/06/15 Cornelius Cardew ‘Great learning’, Union Chapel,  London, UK

28/02/15 Bloomsbury Tavern with Bouche Bee, London, UK

22/02/15 Cafe Oto with Scratch Orchestra, London, UK

09/12/14 More Poetry with Juli Jana, London, UK

16/10/14 Poetry Cafe with Juli Jana, London, UK

04/10/14 Acava Studios, London, UK

19/09/14 St Peter’s Heritage Centre with Bouche Bee, London, UK

04/07/14 Escapio Gallery, London, UK

08/03/14 Malania Basarab Studios, London, UK

04/10/13 Acava Studios, London, UK

05/09/13 Madame Claude, Berlin, Germany

12/11/12 More Poetry, London, UK

03/10/11 More Poetry, London, UK

26/10/10 Galerie Zeitzone, DienstBar, Berlin, Germany

02/11/09 More Poetry, London, UK

25/05/09 Madame Claude (with Einfall), Berlin, Germany

26/05/09 DienstBar (solo plus with Einfall), Berlin, Germany

25/03/09 Great Hall,The Maltings (with Bouche Bee), Farnham, UK

04/11/08 Art Claims Impulse Gallery (with Einfall), Berlin, Germany

06/12/08 CCJPF de St Yrieix la Perche, France

03/11/08 Madame Claude (with Einfall), Berlin, Germany

15/12/07 Vienna International Apartment, Brussels

12/10/07 Roundhouse, (Glenn Branca’s Hallucination City ), London, UK

30/08/07 Ivy House, London, UK

13/07/07 The George Inn, London, UK

08/03/07 Ivy House, (with John Clark and Alessandro Buzzi ), London, UK

07/03/07 Passing Clouds, (with John Clark and Alessandro Buzzi ), London, UK

06/03/07 The Mitre, (with John Clark and Alessandro Buzzi ), London, UK

19/01/07 The Space, London, UK

27/11/06 Rhythm Factory (with John Clark), London

21/11/06 Klinker (with John Clark and Alessandro Buzzi), London, UK

20/11/06 The Yacht Club (with John Clark and Alessandro Buzzi), London, UK

28/10/06 Resonance FM (Live), London, UK

27/09/06 Gluerooms, London, UK

22/09/06 Area 10, London, UK

01/09/06 Theatre Museum (with Bouche Bee), London , UK

13/07/06 The Crypt, London, UK

10/06/06 Goldsmiths University (with Bouche Bee), London, UK

01/06/06 More Poetry, Stoney Street Café, London, UK

28/04/06 Die Station (with Bouche Bee), Austria

04/02/06 Spring Gardens (with Bouche Bee), London, UK

02/02/06 Stoney Street Café, London, UK

01/12/05 Stoney Street Café, London, UK

24/11/05 rampArt Gallery, London

12-13/11/05 Turku City Art Museum, Finland

18/08/05 Echo Chamber, London, UK

22/05/05 The Red Rose (with LEGO), London, UK

19/02/05 rampArt Gallery, London, UK

30/12/04 Social, London, UK

24/11/04 Amersham Arms, London, UK

12/11/04 Open Arts, London, UK

27/10/04 Gluerooms, London, UK

13/10/04 Turnmills, London, UK

24/09/04 The Foundry, London, UK

31/07/04 Area 10, London, UK

07/06/04 The Human Zoo, London, UK

11/03/04 Klinker, London, UK

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