A new album ‘nico’s grave’ is coming out in late 2022.

Nico’s Grave, is the latest album from, London-based artist, Petri Huurinainen. The circumstances leading to the creation of this album lapsed over three years, with recordings made in Berlin and London – pre and post pandemic.

In this album, Petri further develops his interest in intertwining environmental sounds and improvisation, switching time frames, and interrogating the space between recording and playback.

The project began in late 2018, when Petri moved to Berlin for a period of 8 months. It’s a city he has visited regularly since 2007 and, during this stay, he spent his time navigating the wide streets by foot, discovering hidden courtyards and peaceful canals paths – listening, tuning in to the fine subtleties of the acoustic environment.

He began to focus on recording the quiet – analysing and making distinctions – in search of making a connection between sounds that enrich, feed and create a healthier environment.

The music – based around guitar improvisations – is a response to those subtle environmental recordings, merging the two into a nuanced form of harmonics, rhythms and atmospheres. Between the notes are fragments of conversations heard here and there. Words in English, German or Turkish. Distant echoes reverberating across the canal, close slithers of a bicycle wheel, cries and whispers, bird song, market traders, footsteps, endings and beginnings. In the final track, Nico’s Grave, restrained and minimal single notes merge with the sound of footsteps, in search for a cemetery where Nico, the haunting German musician, actress and model, is buried.

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