Petri Huurinainen is a Finnish artist and musician currently living in London. He works with extended guitar performances, studio production, composition, field recordings and drawings.

Throughout the years he has sonically developed his personal vocabulary where music is literally constructed from the instrument itself, by scratching and hitting, abusing and stretching its’ limits. In live performance, this idiosyncratic approach to the instrument, collides with random sampling and incidental loops, that pays homage to Musique- Concrete, resulting complex, often furious rhythms, textures and melodies. Improvisation plays essential role with his approach towards live performances – it’s always spontaneous, ever changing and adjusting and never fixed activity.

He is a founder member of Bouche Bée, improvisation group, together with  Emmanuelle Waeckerle since 2005. He also performs with Berlin based artist David Selden under the name Einfall.